The Hobbit audiobook is a dramatic auditory masterpiece that everyone should experience. This audiobook is based on a fantasy novel authored by J.R. R. Tolkien. It is a novel that blends drama with epical events while not interrupting the flow of the novel. The novel was first published in 1937 and became so popular drawing the attention of many readers. This audio classic is good news for many Hobbit fans across the globe

This is an interesting story that rotates around a hobbit that goes by the name of Bilbo Baggins. The Hobbit hails from the region of the Shire. Bilbo Baggins leads us to an interesting tour across the region of the Middle Earth. In his tour, the hobbit comes across diverse creatures like the goblins, orcs, elves, dwarves, dragons and even the wizards.

The audiobook is well versed to capture the attention of the reader. It is also carefully crafted so as to bring out the true humble nature of the Hobbit. The voice recorded in the audio brings a reader to the true ancient context of the novel. The hobbit mp3 starting line of the first chapter magically sets the stage so well for the subsequent events and challenges that the Hobbit will encounter. This book starts with Bilbo being convinced by a wizard named Gandalf to go for an epic journey in an aim to assist a group of dwarves to obtain their ancestral treasure back from a dragon that had captured it. The audio book clearly depicts the stubborn nature of the Hobbit as it takes a lot of persuasions to convince finally him.

The subsequent chapters are the most interesting as they vividly explain Bilbo’s journey across the large stretches of land until he arrives the lonely mountain; home to the dwarves; which had been captured by the deadly dragon Smaug. It is an interesting journey as the hobbit comes face to face with many other evil creatures as the wargs, orcs and even the elves. The book depicts the courageous nature of Bilbo, who can steal the Arkenstone. Arkenstone is a very powerful gem that is later said to lure Smaug out of his cave into the open, where a human archer kills it by aiming at a weak point in his rather thick scales. The death of Smaug does not make thins any easier as many groups arise in an aim to have a grab of the treasure.


The climax of the book is in the battle of the five armies which arises as human, dwarves, elves unite to fight away the Goblins and Wargs who are determined to grab the treasures. The hobbit audiobook brings the culmination of the book hilariously as Bilbo finally heads home after the battle just to find he had been presumed dead and his property already auctioned.

The hobbit audiobook a must-have for any reader who is thrilled by mystery and suspense. It is well crafted to make sure the reader is magically conformed to the context and the tone of the novel.

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The Audiobook Charles Dickens Would Have Downloaded!

great-expectations-coverGreat expectations is one of the most acclaimed and coveted novels by Charles Dickens; Great Expectations just like his other works, portrays an intelligent use of character and plot. Also being highly sympathetic and sensible of depicting the British class during the nineteenth century.

The novel story line centers on Philipp Pirip (otherwise known as Pip), a young man who is poor, who unexpectedly gets an opportunity to be groomed a gentleman by a particular enigmatic benefactor. We can see an attractive view of the disparities that existed between different classes during the Victorian Era is portrayed.

At the novel’s beginning, Pip is depicted as a young orphan who lives with his sister and brother-in-law (Joe). During the time that he remained a young boy, a report goes out that a prisoner escaped from the nearby prison. One day, as Pip was closing the moors near his house, he bumps into Magwitch (the runaway prisoner). He scares Pip by threatening his life, and Pip gave in and accepted to bring food and tools to Magwitch until the time came when he is recaptured.

Pip keeps on growing, and then one good day, he is taken by an uncle to a perfectly rich woman’s (Miss Havisham) house to play. Miss Havisham’s former fiancee had hurt her and left her at the altar on the wedding day. She had never managed to heal from the anguish. And even after becoming old, she still adorns the wedding dress she wore that eventful day. While at Miss Havisham’s house, Pip meets with a young girl called Estella, who even after having kissed him once, treats him with derision.

pip-meets-miss-havishamIn spite of the cold treatment from her, Pip loves Estella and desires to become rich so he can deserve marrying her. Some time later, a lawyer named Jaggers visits and explains that an enigmatic benefactor would like to pay to assist Pip become rich. Pip heads to London and begins a new life full of youthful enjoyment. All this time, he believed that Miss Havisham is the one who has given the money to help him become worthy to marry Estella. However, one day, Magwitch comes into his house, and Pip finds out that he’s the actual benefactor. Magwitch explains to him that he had managed to free from the prison and relocated to Australia, and that’s where he amassed a good fortune.

Pip helps Magwitch escape yet again while in London. In the meantime, Pip manages to aid Miss Havisham in getting over her predicament and finally make peace with her life. She later dies as she is involved in a fire tragedy. Estella gets married to a rich country clown who treated her very cruelly, and no love existed between them. Pip tries hard, and Magwitch gets into trouble again, and Pip finds it hard to go on with life as a young gentleman.

pip-returns-to-englandHe travels out of the country with a friend, and they begin to work hard to make money. In the final chapter, Pip returns to England and later bumps into Estella. He gets to know that her husband had just died, and then the story ends, leaving the reader anticipating future happiness for Pip and Estella.

The Great Expectations novel brings to the forefront the social disparities that exist between various classes and how money can corrupt people. It agrees with the famous saying that money does not guarantee happiness either can it buy love. Pip’s brother-in-law Joe happens to have the best morals and happiness and Miss Havisham, even though she is rich, is unhappy and lonely.

Pip always thought that becoming a gentleman would offer him fulfillment and make his life perfect, but his life falls apart once he finds out the actual origin of his money. This helped Pip change his perspective on the real value of life.

Great Expectations displays some of Dickens’s most exciting characters. It is an enjoyable read, but due to digital magic, you have the option to listen to the Great Expectations audiobook free! You get a better experience by hearing the story. You can imagine the characters better, thereby actualizing it like a real encounter. Great Expectations audiobook continues to grow in popularity, and we would love to see you have access to a free copy!

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bitcoin banner

Bitcoin is a virtual or digital currency, which is a decentralized payment system planned by Satoshi Nakamoto. This is a software-based currency and it was released to the public during 2009. Since 2009, updates and developments have been made by a system of developers, partly financed by the Bitcoin Foundation. There are numerous options when it comes to investing in bitcoin so let’s get into the details.

Way to invest in bitcoins

The easiest way to invest in bitcoins for a normal person is to buy some in an outright way. Nowadays, buying is easier than ever, as several established companies in the world are concerned with theCoin-Base business of selling and buying. Investing in bitcoins for people in the United States, Coinbase is the simplest solution. The business sells them to consumers at a mark-up, which is usually approximately 1% more than the existing market price.

Moreover, for American citizens, Coinbase has an alternative to connect their bank account to the Coinbase holder. This makes the transfer of the upcoming payment easy. Coinbase offers automatic buying at standard intervals, as well.

For traders, the BitStamp, which is a conventional bitcoin exchange, is an ideal option. With BitStamp, as a trader you will trade with other users, but not with the company. BitStampBitStamp will only function as a mediator. As the liquidity is higher, you can approximately find another individual at all times to take the other side of your deal. The charges begin at 0.5 percent and it will go down up to 0.2 percent, if you have traded more than $150,000 during the past 30 days.

Other Ways of investing in Bitcoins

It should be understood that exchanges are not the solitary way you can get bitcoins. One more popular way of investing is by means of Local Bitcoins. The website links potential sellers and buyers, who would like to sell or buy. When investing, the currencies are locked from the seller in the escrow. Only the seller can release them to potential buyers. However, in case of any problem happened during transactions, the seller or the buyer can file a dispute later than 24 hours of the transaction. When investing through offline, you are supposed to take the customary precautions like you would while meeting an unfamiliar person. It is always safe to conduct the deal only during the daylight hours at a community place and if possible, it is better to come with your friend or with a family member to conduct the transaction.

Right now, investing in bitcoins and putting them up for sale is the hottest business. More and more investors and business enterprise capital firms are gambling that it is here to continue. For the normal individual, many ways exist to get into buying and investing. In the United States, the most admired avenues include Bitstamp, CoinBase, and Local Bitcoins. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks, so you are required to carry out some research to locate the one that best suits your requirements.


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